The factory A-arm on your S197 is a substantial piece that just needs a few upgrades to bring it up to hardcore race capabilities. The front and rear bushings are the weak points, allowing too much deflection for competition, or any use where maintaining alignment specifications is critical.  Eliminating movement in these bushings will keep camber, caster, and toe where they need to be, ensuring that your static alignment settings don't change dynamically.

On the front A-arm mount we provide a machined 6061 aluminum shell that houses a strong 5/8" FK spherical bearing with a radial load of 38,920 lbs. Large diameter (1.25") misalignment spacers are used to provide more surface area for mounting on the K-member. The use of a front bearing eliminates bind and the articulation allows the user to shim the rear of the A-arm for reduced anti-dive characteristics.

On the rear of the A-arm we provide a machined 6061 saddle that houses a large, friction-free Delrin bushing and 6061 aluminum thrust spacer. The saddle height has been increased 1/4" for improved anti-dive, and since the front pivot uses a bearing, the saddle can be shimmed more if necessary.

NOTE: Currently this is a Pre-Sale only. All images are renderings. Product is currently being manufactured but we are taking pre-orders. All orders will be fulfilled in the order they were received. Estimated ship date is currently April 9th but may be sooner.